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Thursday, April 15, 2010

San Juan, Puerto Rico

I think I’ve said this about every port I’ve been to so far…..ok, so it’s just been St. Thomas and this one because, um, well, I missed Half Moon Cay, but San Juan is beautiful.  Even though we got rained on when we were eating breakfast this morning, it was a great day in Puerto Rico.  We didn’t have any big excursions planned today, so we decided to walk to Castillo San Cristobal.   We could see it from the ship, so we figured we weren’t going to pay a taxi to take us where we could walk.  We didn’t know if we were going to tour the place yet (we wanted to see the price), but we wanted to see it up close.

I wish I could say that our reason for wanting to go there had to do with wanting to learn more about the history of Old San Juan, but if I said that, I’d be lying.  Angie and I wanted to go see it because (now indulge me for a minute) part of the Wizards of Waverly Place movie was filmed there.  I’m a Disney addict….and love all things entertainment, so I figured this was the perfect place for me to go here.  This old fort was beautiful (I could have done without the iguana though….just glad he didn’t have any friends with me).  We were able to walk along the ramps used to haul cannons.  We went through the tunnels that run under the structures.  We had a lot of fun (and yes, we learned something too). 

We shopped a little then headed back to the ship.  We still had a few hours to walk around if we wanted, but we wanted to make sure nothing kept us from getting back on the ship by the time it was going to deport.  We suited up (swimsuits of course) and headed to the lido deck to get some sun.  Naturally, the sun was covered by clouds as soon as we found some chairs, but we ordered our daiquiris and sat there anyway.  Good thing we were in our swimsuits because it rained a little…..and we still kept sitting there. 

We departed San Juan right on time and being able to see the island as we pulled away was amazing.  The sun had finally come back out, and the colors of the buildings dazzled in the sunlight.  This is another stop I’d definitely recommend if you’re thinking about coming here……definitely do it.

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