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Thursday, April 15, 2010

St. Thomas (Again)

As I write this particular post I’m enjoying the rocking motion of the ship.  That’s right folks, I’m finally on board the Carnival Glory.  Before we went to bed Tuesday night, we decided that we’d meet in the lobby of the resort at 8:00 in the morning to catch a taxi that would take us to the port.  Our ship would be docking at 9, so we would be waiting.  After some initial worry that the taxi driver didn’t really know where he was going….we made it to the pier and were able to watch the Glory dock.  There was cheering, clapping, and jumping up and down from the eight of us who were standing there so happy to finally see the ship pull into port. 

Nothing else crazy happened that kept us from boarding the ship.  It went so smoothly, it was almost scary. We were told that after customs cleared the ship and passengers had a chance to disembark in St. Thomas, we would be able to board.  So, we sat on the pier with all our luggage.  One security man checked our names off the list (thank goodness we were on the list).  People stared as they walked by on their way to their tours of the island we had been on since Monday.  After we got through security, we were taken upstairs to check in, and when we came off the elevator, there was Kendra.  She was sitting on the steps waiting for us.  I guess she figured it was about time we showed up.

After we got settled and got food in our bellies (we skipped breakfast in order to get to the pier as early as possible), we got back off the ship in St. Thomas.  We caught a taxi to take a tour of the island.  I can’t tell you how terrifying it is to be rushing along the winding hills of St. Thomas when your taxi is a big tour truck with no doors (and I was on the end).  I was holding on to the handle in front of me like my life depended on it (which it did), and a time or two I had to grab onto mom to stop me from falling out when we took a curve too sharp.  Honestly, I’m pretty sure we were speeding the whole time, and apparently, red lights (and stop signs) are just suggestions around here.  I’m just glad I didn’t end up with leaves in my hair from the tree branches I kept dodging. 

The tour included stops where we took some amazing pictures of Charlotte Amalie and Magen’s Bay.  We got some t-shirts (4 for $10, oh yeah).  Then, we went to see Blackbeard.  After our tour where we learned about famous pirates, we walked through the shopping district back to the boat.  It was hot, and it felt like we were walking forever, but when we got back to the ship and saw where we walked from…..turns out, it wasn’t as far as I pictured in my mind.  We were back on the ship by 3 (we didn’t have to be back until 6, but we weren’t about to start tempting fate), and we got a bit of a tour from Kendra (who better to show you around than the person who had been here “wandering around” since Sunday). 

Then, the most amazing thing happened….the ship left port at 6:30, and when the boat started moving….we were on it….WOOHOO!!!  I highly recommend that if you’ve ever considered coming to St. Thomas, do it.  It’s quite possibly the most beautiful place I’ve ever been.  I loved that we got some extra time here, and I’m hoping to come back one day.  However, as much as I did love it here, I’m excited to be on the way to San Juan, Puerto Rico.  I’ve always wanted to see Puerto Rico.  I hope it meets my expectations.  We’ll see tomorrow.  As for tonight, I think it’s time to hit the sack, I’m exhausted.  I hope I can get to sleep with the show that’s rocking in the lounge below us.

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