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Monday, March 7, 2011

Waiting on Springtime

Dear Spring,

I’ve missed you so much.  It has been far too long since you’ve come to visit.  I hate that you travel so much that you’re only able to be in my area for a short time each year.  Don’t think I haven’t noticed that you’re trying to sneak in and surprise me.  There have been some gorgeous days in the past few weeks:  a day I could leave my house without a jacket, the day where the sun was so bright that I had to put on my shades, heck, even the rain in place of snow was a nice touch.

Alas, just when I think you’ve finally made it, winter blows back in and takes over.  You know, winter is such a bully.  You should really stand up for yourself.  Claim March as your own (and February too for that matter).  Let that old season know who’s boss.  Tell winter you don’t care how pretty it looks in white, it’s time to move on.  Throw all the colors of the rainbow in winter’s face and laugh at it.  Laugh, and then barge in and kick winter to the next hemisphere. 

Don’t you miss me too?  I give you all the attention you deserve when you’re here.  I leave the confines of my house and spend time outside in your pleasant, crisp air.  I listen to all the songs of the birds that you bring with you.  I tell you how much I love you and how much that grass color goes with your sky.  You are the very first one to see all my cute, colorful spring wardrobe, and I even let your breezy little fingers play with my hair.  All this, and you’re just teasing me right now.  Making me wait until the last possible moment to swoop in and save me from the icy, gray clutches of Jack Frost.

Don’t get me wrong, I know you’re not perfect.  You tend to get a bit carried away with the rain….seriously, you have to watch that because the rivers and streams around here can only hold so much water before they cause major issues.  Oh, and why do you wake your birds up so early in the morning…..on Saturdays…..when I can sleep in.  It’s ok though because I don’t expect you to be perfect.  I love you despite your flaws.

I know you’re on a schedule and I’m being impatient.  It just a few short weeks you’ll be here greeting me each morning and singing me to sleep at night.  You know what, you’re worth the wait.  I’ll make nice with winter for a few more weeks…..just make sure you arrive on time.


Attic Dweller