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Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day

Memorial Day-the unofficial start of summer.  Mother Nature saw fit to cooperate and let the blue skies take over for four whole days straight!  It was a fabulous way to kick off the summer season.  Recharging with a sunny weekend spent with family and friends was exactly what I needed.

However, I am fully aware that for me to be able to enjoy my weekend, a soldier has to spend their time in the harshest conditions imaginable.  For me to rest safe at home, a soldier has to spend months away from their families facing danger around every corner.  For every day I continue to live in freedom, a soldier lays down their life to protect that freedom which I hold so dear.

The tears of thousands of mothers, fathers-sisters, brothers-daughters, and sons rain from the heavens mourning the heroes they will never hold again.  How do you thank someone for a sacrifice that big?  I don’t think we ever truly can.  What we do is make sure to live our lives the best way we know how.  We make sure to appreciate all that we have.  The price for all our opportunities is too steep for us to squander.  We must cherish all the precious gifts we are given.

On Memorial Day we remember that as they say, “freedom is not free”.  To all those who have served or are serving our country, thank you, for everything you give up so that I may live knowing my dreams are mine to chase.  To the families who have lost loved ones for the sake of our country’s freedom, words cannot express the gratitude I feel for what your soldiers have given for me, my family, friends, and each and every person I meet on the street. 

I look in the faces of the children in my life and know that their futures are so bright because of a soldier I’ll never meet.  Everything they do cannot possibly be in vain with the innocence of those children poised to lead us into the future.  My hope for the future, and for the futures of the children in this country is that one day we’re going to live in a world where war is only in the history books.  That dream of a peaceful tomorrow is not possible without the soldiers of today.

Thank you to all who are or who have served.  Stay strong, be safe. 

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Because She Was There

Like a sunflower standing tall despite the violet storm, she stands strong.

Like a warm Spring breeze reaching out to bring comfort after the frozen winter, she embraces us.

Like a star in the night sky showing the way to the morning light, she guides us.

Through her compassion she makes us understand that a world with love is possible for every human being.

Through her tears she shows us that sadness does not equal weakness, and that being vulnerable enough to cry gives us the courage to care.

Through the realized dream of a little girl from Mississippi, we learn that dreams are the wings that let our spirits fly.

Because of her we know tears can mean happy or hurt, surprised or sad.

Because of her we know that giving someone a gift, no matter how small, allows the giver to receive a reward much greater than any material object: gratitude.

Because of her, books were read, children were educated, and the meek became mighty.

Teacher. Advisor. Entertainer. Generous. Kind. Friend.

Thank you, for everything, thank you.