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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Because She Was There

Like a sunflower standing tall despite the violet storm, she stands strong.

Like a warm Spring breeze reaching out to bring comfort after the frozen winter, she embraces us.

Like a star in the night sky showing the way to the morning light, she guides us.

Through her compassion she makes us understand that a world with love is possible for every human being.

Through her tears she shows us that sadness does not equal weakness, and that being vulnerable enough to cry gives us the courage to care.

Through the realized dream of a little girl from Mississippi, we learn that dreams are the wings that let our spirits fly.

Because of her we know tears can mean happy or hurt, surprised or sad.

Because of her we know that giving someone a gift, no matter how small, allows the giver to receive a reward much greater than any material object: gratitude.

Because of her, books were read, children were educated, and the meek became mighty.

Teacher. Advisor. Entertainer. Generous. Kind. Friend.

Thank you, for everything, thank you.

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