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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Attic Dweller Unplugged

So, it occurred to me recently that it has been a good long while since I’ve written.  Well, since I’ve written here anyway.  I have been writing, but with a pen and paper rather than on the computer.  Every time I wrote in my notebook, it was with the intention of putting it up on the blog, but it just never made it…..and since you’re all intelligent people you already knew that.  Even though it’s been a few months since I’ve posted, it was just this week that people have decided to point that out to me.  Trust me, I’m aware I didn’t post…..I just didn’t know that anyone else was aware.  So, here I am, returning to the online world of blogging.

I know what you’re thinking.  So, Attic Dweller, since you’ve abandoned us for such a long time, you must have been out having some really REALLY big adventures.  Well, um, sorry to disappoint, but my excuse for lack of posts is not so exciting.  I’ve been reading.  A LOT.  Like book after book.  Since I’ve been reading so much in the evenings, I haven’t been getting online from home.  So, there’s my excuse, I promise to do better.  Give me some credit though.  I did manage to keep you up to speed on my cruise vacation in April.  Blogging from the high seas counts for something, right?

So, besides reading, I’ve been enjoying other aspects of being relatively unplugged.  I’ve been doing a lot of swimming and laying on a raft in the pool.  We’ve discovered a pair of woodchucks living in our backyard.  Since I last posted, I’m 13 pounds lighter.  That probably has more to do with my anxiety medicine affecting my appetite than my actually exercising (especially since I haven’t really been exercising….except for the swimming).  I will take credit for choosing better foods to eat though.

I went on a date, which went nowhere.  Oh, and just this weekend I was part of a group who managed to discover the true answer to the age old question, “why did the chicken cross the road?”.  Turns out “to get to the other side” is only the answer because that’s as far as they could manage to fly.  That’s right, they….that chicken didn’t cross that road alone.  Went to the casino, and nope, I’m not a millionaire. 

I saw Toy Story 3…..and cried.  I’m not ashamed to admit that.  Go see that movie….you will want to go and find all your childhood toys and just reassure them that you did indeed love them.  Well, that’s the last few months in a nutshell.  You’re up to speed right to today.  Oh, wait, today I got home from the “bowling girl’s overnight at Belterra” in time to go to church, and I didn’t take into consideration that I was wearing jeans shorts made to look a little worn out, a t-shirt that said “sarcasm is just one of the many services I provide, and faded flip flops.  Needless to say, I spent the entire time trying not to let the new priest see my shirt.  Way to make a first impression.  Ok, now you’re up to speed. 

I’ll be blogging more frequently, possibly even posting the stories of the “lost months” that are safely recorded in my trusty notebook.  Oh, the adventures are beginning again.  Watch out!