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Monday, April 19, 2010

Where’s the Breakfast Buffet?

After a cruise vacation, the real world smacks me in the face a little harder than other vacations.  There was no breakfast buffet when I woke up this morning.  I was back in the attic….and it was hot.  Oh, and I got to see the news for the first time in a week.  Did y’all know there is a volcano erupting in Iceland?  Yep, apparently it’s causing all sorts of trouble with air travel.  Who knew? 

I left my room quite a mess.  I remember thinking as I was packing before vacation that I didn’t feel like cleaning up the mess that my packing was creating at that time.  Well, I didn’t feel like it any more now than I did then, but today, I didn’t have a choice.  It’s a good thing that I took today off work to “recover” from my vacation.  I got up, started my laundry, and started cleaning up after myself.  I’ve also been catching up on some of the shows I missed while I was gone.  Hey, give me a break, I’m openly an entertainment junkie, I HAD to record my favorite shows.  Today has felt like a Sunday all day, so I had to keep reminding myself that it was indeed Monday.  I have to work tomorrow.  Talk about back to the real world.  It’s going to be quite an adjustment going from doing a whole lot of nothing to customer service.

So, one adventure down, on to the next one.  Time to return my focus to saving up for Las Vegas.  I can’t wait for that trip.

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