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Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Ok, so it’s no secret that I’m a gadget geek.  If you know me…well, you know that, and if you don’t…..well, reread some of the old posts on this blog, I’ve probably mentioned it there a time or ten.  The problem with my gadget geekery is that I’m typically behind on getting my hands on them.  I’m still working on getting my iphone (not due for an upgrade until August….come on August!!)  I want new “toys” the second I hear about them, but since I’m not a recent lottery winner, I actually have to save up to get them.  That’s not such a big deal, people save up for things all the time…..I’ve got no problem saving up for something I really want (ahem, Donny and Marie/Vegas anyone?).   Sometimes though, my head messes with me……

See, last night I was sleeping peacefully in my attic room.  I was lying comfortably in my bed, cooled by a fan, it was a good night.  As it usually does, my dream factory kicked in.  It was fantastic.  I went to the store, bought an ipad and basically used it for everything.  I used if for things that I don’t even think the ipad was capable of.  I’m serious, if my dream had gone on long enough, I think that ipad I possessed would have eventually figured out how to solve global warming and bring about world peace.  It was great.  I used that sucker for everything and enjoyed every minute of it.  I bought one for everyone I knew simply because I thought it was the greatest thing ever.  I don’t know what the best part was…..the fact that I had an ipad or the fact that in dreamland I have enough cash to go out and buy expensive electronics for everyone I know. 

Of course, when my alarm woke me up, it was a bit disappointing to be back in my attic bed, staring at my cat, with no ipad in sight.  Look, the closest I’ve come to the ipad has been seeing it on news clips when it was first coming out.  I don’t even know anyone who has one….well, I think someone I follow on twitter might have one, but I don’t KNOW them.  Don’t be deceived.  Life is not all about the “things” I can get…..but boy do I want one of those ipads.  Do you have one?  Anyone know someone who has one?  Is it wonderful?  Did you ever think you’d read an entire blog post about someone’s strange electronic device dreams?  This is how my mind words sometimes people, scary, huh?  Go do something silly….enjoy the rest of your Wednesday!!

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