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Monday, March 29, 2010

A Decision

I have been wanting an iPhone for a while.  I’m not due for an upgrade on my phone until August (don’t even get me started on how much I hate that the phone company can tell me when I can get a good deal on a phone).  My problem is my recent vow that every single extra penny is going to go toward my current goal of getting to Las Vegas to see (and hopefully meet) Donny and Marie.  I will admit that an iPhone would take a serious chunk of money away from my tin can that is collecting my savings for Vegas.  However, the point of chasing my wild and crazy dreams is not to deprive myself of other things. 

Wow, I just realized how materialistic I just sounded.  Let me explain.  Most of the things I want out of life have more to do with the experiences that come from them.  On the flip side, I am such a gadget geek.  I’m considering it a good sign that I’m not overpowered by the need for an ipad (isn’t that an unfortunate name).  Sometimes my attention span is short, and my current need for an iPhone is distracting me from other new gadgets that might steal my affection. 

All that being said, if push comes to shove, I’ll choose Donny and Marie over the iPhone if I discover that I can’t afford to lose that chunk of money from my “live everyday to it’s fullest” fund.  I mean, where’s the iPhone going to go?  It will be there.  The trip to Vegas to see Donny and Marie is probably a once in a lifetime experience.  It’s one that I’m not willing to give up. Ultimately, things come and go, but memories are worth more than any gadget ever will be.  Hmmmmm, did I just accidentally make a decision about the iPhone.  Interesting.


  1. On the other hand, and just to play devil's advocate: you'll use the iPhone every day, right? Whreas Donnie and Marie aren't every day. Every day pleasure is definitely living life to the fullest, yes?? No? Maybe? :D

    I'm such a bad influence.

  2. Oh you are Devil's Advocate....yes, every day would be living life to it's fullest....i'll need a good phone to take with me on my trip now won't I.....