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Monday, March 15, 2010

A Starting Point

The first time I remember seeing Marie Osmond was in a short lived show called, “Maybe This Time”.  I think I was about twelve at the time, and I was watching this show because it had the girl who played Chrissy on “Growing Pains” and Rose from “The Golden Girls.  There was also this other woman in the show….Marie Osmond, but since I wasn’t around to see the original Donny and Marie variety show, I didn’t really know who she was.  I’d heard of the Osmonds, and Donny and Marie, but hearing the names in passing wasn’t enough to help me make a connection to “Maybe This Time”.  There were only a handful of episodes, but I really liked it…..(if it were on DVD now, I’d so buy it because I admit, I don’t remember much about it except that Marie played “Chrissy’s” mom and Betty White was the grandma).

Anyway, suffice it to say, I thought that Marie Osmond was pretty great….and I still hadn’t really heard her sing anything.  Fast forward a few years to when Donny and Marie had their talk show.  I tuned in because I remembered Marie from the sitcom, and was charmed by the banter that the two of them exchanged.  As a HUGE Disney fan, Donny won major points with me when I found out that he sang “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” for “Mulan”.  The point is, I was hooked on this family, and have been ever since.

As technology boomed, it became easier to find out more about them, and I loved that they were a huge family.  I’m the oldest of three girls in my family, and sometimes, I just wanted an older sibling.  I’ve always been drawn to people I would have imagined my older siblings would be like.  They were child stars who managed to navigate into adulthood without throwing their morals out the window.  I admired that, especially when some of the role models I had to pick from were a little, um, off center, sometimes.

Over the years, even though I became starstruck by other celebrities, I’d always make sure that I’d catch Donny and Marie if they were on television.  In recent years, they’ve been on TV a lot with Dancing with the Stars, and the Osmonds’ 50th Anniversary in show business.  Now they’ve got this show in Las Vegas, and that’s where I want to end up.  Meeting them is one of the biggest dreams I’ve got.  I figure if I’m going to manage to save up to go see them perform, I might as well go big, and save up enough for the VIP ticket that will let me meet them.  Go big or go home, right? 

So, I made this:


For this purpose:


Right now the can contains $5.38 (in pennies).  Considering the ticket that I want is almost $300, I’ve got a little ways to go….and that’s even before you consider that I’m going to have to fly there and stay somewhere once I get there.  However, I won’t have to go alone.  I’ve convinced my mom to go with me.  I hope to be able to make the trip by next spring.  I’m going to be saving as much as I can to make sure I can make this happen.  I don’t care if people think I’m childish or silly.  I think dreams are worth having….and if I’m going to chase mine, I might as well conquer the biggest one first.

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