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Monday, October 8, 2012


Well, I'm entering my second week of unemployment.  My apartment has never been cleaner.  My dogs have never been walked so many times.  I swear last time I went to grab the leashes, Mickey looked at me as if he was begging me to let him just stay inside this hour.  On the bright side, I think they're enjoying being out of their cages.  So....yay, unemployment.

Seriously though.  I'm looking for health insurance, and it's either pay over $600 a month to keep the coverage I had through work or $250 to get it though another carrier.  Neither is an appealing option considering I have no paycheck coming in, but I can't afford my prescriptions without it.  Aaaah, America.  You can say what you want about whoever you want whenever you want, but you'll go bankrupt paying for health care.  Oh well, better than living elsewhere. 

I still have no computer at home because people decided they wanted to help themselves to my stuff on vacation so, I'm here at the library.  I don't really even have much to say in this post.  I don't think writing about how I scrubbed my toilets last week is going to help.  On the plus side, I did qualify for unemployment.  So, at least that will help out while I'm job hunting.  Hopefully those background checks for teaching come back fast so I can get back in the game before I lose my mind and start believing my dogs are actually carrying on a conversation with me.

Oh, those background checks.  Being a good girl doesn't pay off in today's society.  Idiots out there have to be horrible, horrible people that make it necessary for schools to do background checks on applicants no matter how squeaky clean they appear.  It's not fair to me that I have to wait a month to find out I'm not a criminal when I already know that.  Oh well, life's not fair I guess.  I'm just bitter because if it wasn't for those background checks getting messed up the first time, I'd already be a bonifide substitute teacher instead of sitting here writing about it.

I get to go to Walmart in a few minutes.  We need soda at home.  Well, not need, but I want it and we're out so I'm getting it.  When will the fun end?????

I've decided I can work on a few things while I'm unemployed.....

First, I will work out every day, beginning today.  I swear.
Second, I will get Dave to teach me how to drive a stick shift.
Third, I will finish the crochet projects I've got hanging out there unfinished.
Fourth, I will write more in the blog.

See, I've got goals.  I've got dreams.  I've got to get off this computer.  Seriously, the girl across from me keeps giggling uncontrollably, and I'm not completely sure I want to stick around to find out why.  Anyhoo.....I'll try to be more fascinating next time.  I'm going to go try to figure out my next step with claiming the unemployment they say I'm eligible for.  Wish me luck.

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