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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Did I Piss off a Leprechaun??

Ok, so although I have Irish blood in me, the “luck of the Irish” doesn’t seem to favor me.  Y’all know about the accident and subsequent bruised up ribs from the car accident last Thursday….I was really figuring we could only go up from there.  Then we went through rental car hell with Avis.  Not only were they less than helpful in South Carolina when we went down there, but they took another $136 out of my bank account without warning. I certainly wasn’t expecting that.  So, certainly we were going up from there right?

Well, this morning it looked like we might be because I actually got Avis to cooperate and refund the charges I wasn’t responsible for. Well, I’m still waiting for the refund to my bank account, but hey, I’m trying to stay positive.  Staying positive isn’t so easy at the moment.  I took my new kitten to the vet this evening.  She hasn’t come home yet because she needed to get her first vaccinations, and get treated for fleas.  We also had to test her for Feline Leukemia for the safety of our other cats.  Faline tested positive.  My luck wouldn’t have it any other way.  This adorable little kitten that I was absolutely certain would be living with me very soon, can’t ever live here. 

I just know that my mom was finally going to cave and let me bring her home.  I figured once we got rid of the fleas, and had her spayed and declawed, mom would be happy to have this little addition to the family.  I was also certain that our other cats wouldn’t put up much of a fuss while they were getting to know Faline.  The good news is that she’s not really sick right now.  Testing positive means that she has been exposed.  Our vet says that we could retest her in 3 months to see if she was able to fight it off.  I can’t do it though.  I can’t spend another three months getting even more attached to her when in my heart I’m having a hard time believing that there will be anything other than bad news again. 

I’m so sick of this.  When do I get to have some good luck.  I’ve had my share this week.  It’s not fair.  Don’t get me wrong.  I know there are many more horrible things in the world than me not getting a new pet.  I’m one of those “pets are part of the family” people.  I’m not one that must have every little kitten or puppy I see, but this little one just stole my heart.  She fit with me.  My heart is broken.  Why is it that pets can just become part of the family so quickly?  I’m usually a very positive person who finds a bright side in every situation.  I just don’t think I have the energy to look for the light at the end of the tunnel anymore. 

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