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Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Ok, so who was impressed by my last post.  I mean, couldn’t you just feel the sunshine radiating right through your computer screen?  Yeah….sorry about that.  Had to get it off my chest though.  I’m feeling much better this week.  Well, ok, maybe “much” better is stretching it a bit, but I’m betting there. 

Now, for the challenge…..which I have issued to myself.  Here’s the deal….I’m 5ft. 2in, tall and I currently weigh 182.  That’s not good.  I’ve never been the type of girl who needed to be skinny, but I do want to be healthy.  I don’t want to wake up one day with health problems that could have been prevented if I had taken better care of myself.  Now, I’ve gone on diets before, and have done well for a few weeks, but then I’ve given up.  So, I’ve decided to treat myself like a child….which means putting myself on a rewards system.

So, I’ve done some research, and from what I’ve seen I need to weigh somewhere between 108-144 pounds to be healthy.  Nothing like a 36 pound spread to make things clear.  This means I have to lose somewhere between 38-74 pounds.  Easy….yeah, right.  Ok, so I’m figuring on 50 pounds.  That will put me at 132.  Of course, I’m planning on consulting my doctor about all this on my next visit.  The goal is to be healthy, isn’t that what the doctor is for?  Anyway, about my rewards system…..for every ten pounds I manage to lose I get a reward.  If I get to 50 pounds, I get to give myself an ipad.

For those of you who know how much of a gadget geek I am, you know that besides an iphone, the gadget I want most is an ipad.  Of course, I’ll have to save up money along the way too, but it will be worth it.  Since my plan is long term…..I mean at least a year probably……I’ve got time to save my pennies.  I’m not calling it a diet.  It’s my lifestyle challenge.  I’m going to change the way I take care of myself.  That involves changing what I put into my body (although I will find it very difficult to give up my Coke).  It also involves changing what I do with my body (which means no more couch potato).  I’ll watch what I eat and exercise.  Hey, I didn’t say it was some in depth methodical plan.  Sometimes the simple things work best. 

The challenge starts Friday….because I get paid and can go to the grocery store.  So, I’ll write some about how I’m doing…..and if I start to whine…..well, feel free to tell me to suck it up.  Wish me luck!

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